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Changelog 2023-11-10

  • Added Exposes Confidential Data page field to the User Subform page that shows the permission sets of a user on the User card page. This field shows whether the permission set that the user has access to exposes confidential table data to the user.
  • Directly resolve confidentiality violations introduced after applying updates to license configurations of users to the Update Users from Microsoft 365 action instead of preventing them with an error.
  • Update error message that is displayed to a user when the system attempts to assign permission sets that expose confidential data to the user on first login due to confidentiality-violating license configurations.
  • Account for G/L entry no. increment during sales doc. post. In the situation that the latest G/L entry at the time relates to a confidential G/L account, then the security filters prevented determining the next entry no. when users that do not have access to the confidential G/L account data would post sales documents which generate G/L entries. 2023-10-02

Initial version

Last update: November 10, 2023