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Identify and Resolve Violations

With the Confidential Table Setup configuration in place, the Confidential Data Protection can identify and resolve confidentiality-violating permission set assignments in your Business Central environment.

Identify Confidentiality Violations

Using the View Confidentiality Violations action on the Confidential Data Protection Setup page you can open an overview of the confidentiality-violating permission set assignments that have been identified by the Confidential Data Protection extension.

View Confidentiality Violations action on Setup page

On the page that opens, you can view the permission set assignments that expose confidential data to users in your Business Central environment. You can see which confidential permission sets have been assigned to users, and to which users or groups of users they have been assigned.

Permission Set Violations page

You can invoke the View Confidential Permissions... action to view the permissions in the permission set that expose confidential data to users.

Confidential Permissions in Permission Set example

Resolve Confidentiality Violations

To resolve the identified violations you can invoke the Resolve Violations action. After you invoke the action, you will first get a confirmation dialog.

Resolve Violations Action - Confirmation Dialog

Choose Yes to let the Confidential Data Protection extension resolve the violations. Each confidentiality-violating permission set assignment to users or groups of users will be replaced by assigning a new, restricted permission set, derived from the original permission set.

Resolve Violations Action - Completed

After the action has completed and the page is refreshed, all confidentiality-violating permission set assignments will have been resolved.

Permission Set Violations page blank

Last update: September 12, 2023